Birmingham Bodyworks
Structural Therapy
When your Body is aligned and balanced, it moves with ease and requires less energy to function. Breathing is easy, your mind is sharp, and your coordination and flexiblity improve.

Structural Therapy is a scientifically validated approach to improving postural alignment with results that last for years.

Structural Therapy differs from standard massage in that it releases the intrinsic muscles and connective tissues that create chronic pain, affect the nervous system, and cause misalignment.

Structural Therapy facilitates long-term results. Professional athletes and dancers report experiencing improved performance; business leaders and professional speakers state their focus and vitality improves.

Generally performed in a series of ten one-hour sessions, Structural Therapy is a very personal process that has been proven to relieve common conditions such as:

 •  Postural Distortion
 •  Chronic Pain
 •  Repetitive Stress Injuries
 •  Neck and Back Pain
 •  Headaches  •  TMJ Syndrome

Keeping my bi-weekly appointment with Bethany is high priority on my self-care agenda. Over the years, she has:

  • Put my ribs back into alignment after coughing bouts from bronchitis,
  • Relieved pain in my lower back from sleeping in Amtrak cars while on vacation,
  • Relieved “Forward Head Posture” pain in my neck brought on by long hours at the computer.

When I required surgery for a torn rotator cuff, Bethany’s work in stretching and releasing trigger points restored range of motion to my shoulder, far beyond what the surgeon said was possible.

Mary Locker
November 2008

Bethany has a talent for assessing which areas of the body need the most attention. I referred patients to her for more than 20 years in my former chiropractic clinic, particularly when I needed expertise and focus on soft tissue components. It was an excellent relationship for me, and for my patients.

Marc S.Terebelo, DC

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